Words on Fire Mod Picks for November 1-28, 2015

CONGRATS! ^5’s!! & much <3!!! to the Words on Fire Mod Picks for November 1-28, 2015.

http://bit.ly/1SvE49w +Gianfranco Aurilio Overlooking the Sky
http://bit.ly/1SvE89s +Mark Read Weary Will
http://bit.ly/1SvEcpK +Splaetos Between
http://bit.ly/1SvEixw +Fergus Martin The Eleventh Hour
http://bit.ly/1SvEoFk +Kristy Rulebreaker Magical Ponds
http://bit.ly/1SvEsVz +Evelyn Elizabeth Philosophy
http://bit.ly/1SvEwEZ +sma river So Close
http://bit.ly/1SvF1Pc +Kiku Koibito Harriet
http://bit.ly/1SvEywr +Andre M. Thomas Bad Guy
http://bit.ly/1SvFy3M +José Coelho Whenever The House Is Dark
http://bit.ly/1QSVpvx +Allene Angelica Burnt
http://bit.ly/1QSVqjc +Mickey Draca untitled
http://bit.ly/1QSVr6I +Evelyn Elizabeth The Curator
http://bit.ly/1QSVyiq +Splaetos Reciprocity
http://bit.ly/1QSVDTh +Denise Baxter Yoder untitled
http://bit.ly/1QSVFKV +Loretta Leslie Can You Guess?
http://bit.ly/1QSVJdH +Luke Normsy Expirations
http://bit.ly/1QSVNdv +José Coelho Intrinsic Places
http://bit.ly/1QSVSOb +Evelyn Elizabeth Acute Parallel
http://bit.ly/1QSVW0m +Kiku Koibito Under Autumn Clouds
http://bit.ly/1QSW2Fe +John Griffin Ode to Hogmanay…
http://bit.ly/1QSW4wS +Le Hornet Black Freaksday
http://bit.ly/1QSWbZj +Michael French There is a Time for Poetry
http://bit.ly/1QSWfIM +Michael French No Words
http://bit.ly/1QSWmEe +Mark Read Glances (If only we had known)
http://bit.ly/1QSWq6M +Denise Baxter Yoder Points and Lines and Curves
http://bit.ly/1QSWuUb +José Coelho Adorable Ruin Flourishing
http://bit.ly/1QSX1pc +Joshua Puckett Art Cut Your Lips Before I Kiss You


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