Words on Fire Mod Picks for August 2-29, 2015

CONGRATS! ^5’s!! & much <3!!! to the Words on Fire Mod Picks for August 2-29, 2015.

http://bit.ly/1XdIBl5 Pioneers +Kiku Koibito
http://bit.ly/1XdILsH Earth Goddesses +laurie corzett
http://bit.ly/1XdJk5L Night Write +Michael French
http://bit.ly/1XdJvxQ untitled +Mickey Draca
http://bit.ly/1XdJCJT evenstar +Loretta Leslie
http://bit.ly/1XdJKcr Starlight +Kelly Gunter
http://bit.ly/1XdKfmO To My Father as We Wait +Luke Normsy
http://bit.ly/1XdKApr Released +Evelyn Hell Yes Elizabeth
http://bit.ly/1XdKQEW Just Being +Tim Clayton
http://bit.ly/1XdL0vY Better People +José Coelho
http://bit.ly/1XdL7HS We The Fragmented +Portia Burton
http://bit.ly/1XdLkuT True Love Story +José Coelho
http://bit.ly/1XdLrXi I Like Romance +Michael French
http://bit.ly/1XdLDpp Summer’s August Days +Denise Baxter Yoder
http://bit.ly/1XdLUbX Hello, My Name Is +Brittany Larson
http://bit.ly/1XdMmqw Perfect Attendance +Evelyn Hell Yes Elizabeth
http://bit.ly/1XdMCWI Hummus +lynn paden
http://bit.ly/1XdMKW3 The Value of Monogamy +Christin Brennan
http://bit.ly/1XdNfPQ Locked Away +Robert Price
http://bit.ly/1XdNqLe Gravity +Michael French
http://bit.ly/1PKiOvb The Wanderer’s Companion +Fergus Martin
http://bit.ly/1PKq620 Refrigerator Light +Evelyn Hell Yes Elizabeth
http://bit.ly/1PKqkGl Fleeting Angel +Amit Herlekar
http://bit.ly/1PKqo95 Mirrors of Sadness +Niamh Serendipity

[this list should contain 3 excellent poems by S.L. Weisend, but it seems as though she has pulled out of G+ totally…i will miss her work here in our community.]


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