Words on Fire Mod Picks for March 15 – April 4, 2015

http://bit.ly/1aIum3X +Elusive Me Nothing in His Sunshine
http://bit.ly/1aIuws9 +Mickey Draca untitled
http://bit.ly/1aIuGjb +Late Nite Mike All That Shit I Said
http://bit.ly/1aItMU5 +Michael French Translation
http://bit.ly/1aItvAs +David Kernohan The Turning
http://bit.ly/1aItmNk +Moon Sonata Standing By
http://bit.ly/1aItegJ +K. Leigh Thoma Duality
http://bit.ly/1aIt6y2 +Michael French Time Spent
http://bit.ly/1aIt2yd +Denise Baxter Yoder Tick Lock
http://bit.ly/1aIsNTT +Vicki Bashor i feel
http://bit.ly/1aIsIiT +Elusive Me Aching Heart
http://bit.ly/1aIsxnR +S.L. Weisend The Miracle of Life
http://bit.ly/1aIs70D +Splaetos Divinity
http://bit.ly/1aIrV1x +José Coelho As We Know It! [spoken word]
http://bit.ly/1aIrHYb +Kristy Rulebreaker Only Darkness
http://bit.ly/1aIrt37 +Robert Horton Under A Larch Wood Bench
http://bit.ly/1aIr2pG +rosa bizzintino untitled Poesia
http://bit.ly/1aIqG2q +Priya Patel Control No More
http://bit.ly/1aIqq3d +K. Leigh Thoma Last
http://bit.ly/1aIq7W7 +Frank Ramon Paloma’s Eye
http://bit.ly/1aIpSdD +Michael French A few moments today
http://bit.ly/1aIpv2L +Weak Perfection Tick Tock

CONGRATS! ^5’s!! & much <3!!! to the Words on Fire Mod Picks for March 15 – April 4, 2015.


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