Words on Fire V2E1.1

Words On Fire
Imagineers of Pyrotechnic Poetics
Volume 2 Edition 1.1
( for December 7, 2014 – January 3, 2015)

We Didn't Start the Fire


    • Michael French
    • Portia Burton
    • Kristy Rulebreaker
    • Mickey Draca
    • Priya Patel
    • K. Leigh Thoma
    • José Coelho
    • D.W. Metz
    • Daseph Edwards
    • Robert Horton
    • Seraphime Angelis
    • Loretta Leslie
    • Weak Perfection
    • Le Hornet
    • Qalbi Qaali
    • Peter Schonefeld
    • Michael Veloff
    • Allene Angelica
    • Mark Read
    • Jennifer Skochinski
    • Lynn Paden
    • Denise Baxter Yoder

15 - 01

She was a little older by Michael French
The one girl at the gathering with a dress
something in her hair
Oh, I remember
this was a church group
a neighbors house
A Game
The moment
Like being tossed from a moving vehicle
Left broken and tattered and a bit dizzy
and amazed
to have survived the experience

13 - 1

I hear your name… by Portia Burton
I hear your name in my thoughts
As I lay my head resignedly
Upon a pillow and  squirm,
While the chill of winter night
Enhances my loneliness.

A  cold breeze whispers through
The slightly ajar  window
Echoing your name deep within my heart.
With drowsy eyes I see your vision
Speaking to me of your anguish,
Oh, why are we apart?

I toss restlessly the whole night,
Till through the drawn blinds
The morning rays slither in,
To awaken me to a dreary new day.
15 - 13

The Wind Has Lost His Mind by Kristy Rulebreaker

The wind has lost his mind
He is desperately howling
as if he knows my feelings

The wind has lost his mind
His thoughts are frozen
as if he knows you died

The wind has lost his mind
He is breaking glass and trees
as if he is mad at death

I have lost my mind
I hear your voice
I see your smile
as if you are alive


15 - 4

untitled by Mickey Draca

Butterfly flight is eternity of sadness
Flying towards death it collects fierceness
Bowing to the pestle it feeds on nectar
Meeting daylight learning wickedness

Always leading us to the ephemeral so far.

15 - 12

Borrowed Days by Priya Patel

In joy and laughter
with smiles painted on lips,
we forget how easily time slips
For in sickness and sorrows
and uncertain tomorrows
there may not be many days left to borrow
It is important to love each other now
to hug and kiss,
and hold the hands of those you love;
to cherish those who placed you above
It’s so easy to care and love from within,
to bottle your feelings beneath your skin;
to live on borrowed days
But sometimes
we all just need to reach out
to give a hug, a gentle tug
to hold the hands of those you love
and to cherish all of our days
One day, there will be nothing left
but memories of moments
from all our borrowed days…


Anyway by K. Leigh Thoma

I am living in the same place you last saw me
The windows remain undressed
The room remains wide open
With the ancient boxes serving as desksI am roaming the halls where you last left me
Passing the white and black space
Passing the hills of tomes on the floor
With thoughts of that old battered bookcaseLike living in a mausoleum
Like living in a breathing tomb
I’m holding court for the ghosts of yesterday
Playing to an audience of no one in the room

I am not missing you at all
There is no reason to at all
I am not thinking of the past
I know that it won’t last

I am living in the same place you last left me
Though many things are not the same
The little gifts have all been thrown away
No trace that you remain or ever even came

I am roaming the same halls where you last saw me
With the understanding of what was untrue
With the knowledge that my love was only built
A construction that I created out of you

Like living in a mausoleum
Like living in a breathing tomb
I’m holding court for the ghosts of yesterday
Playing to an audience of no one in the room

I am not missing you at all
There is no reason to at all
I am not thinking of the past
I know that it won’t last


Diversion by José Coelho

It’s one
in the morning and

there are plenty
of words
sealing the illusion
devised by a roll of succulent

dripping from your babelicious mouth
letters faint their meaning less
kernel, in awe

of god’s wonderful creation, painting
a new gammabet, one
that will endure through
the corners of our intellect-
ual mnemonics

up to one
frequency imbuing both war &
bestial, human & celestial, death &

It’s one minute
after one and my dyscelix metronome
slows down to a consensus:

better just enjoy the view!


the break by D.W. Metz

keep me
from sleeping
keeps me
from feeling
keeps me
from living
has to give


“A Departing Voyage” by Daseph J. Edwards

He looks into
the sea of the vase,
the waves
of its waters
your name.
He holds
the sweater,
the fabric of his life,
held tenuously
in sunlight by
you have made.He stares back at you.
You just look away.He looks at his love
in boxes.
He carries his heart
in newspaper.
And then sets sail in the rain
down the New England road.

but if he could open you eyes
(if you he could crack your archaic mind
to see that
the stars can be trusted,
El Durado can be found,
and what seems like a cliff
is the begging of a world)

But here you stand–

For your house
is your house,
and the curb
is the curb;
and the end
of your driveway
is the end
of the earth.

So you just gaze
through you window,
and fondle your cat,
as you watch your lover fall
’til he is going,  gone,    gone…


Words On Fire by Robert Horton

Hearts and battle
Will often inspire
Deeds of passion
And words on fire,
Where love and life
Or a tragic death
Can stir one’s rage
Or hold one’s breath.
If truth be told
Dreams are made
By a lover’s kiss
Or a vengeful blade,
Yet who are we
That dare to look
Upon the page
Of such an intimate book?
If we feign to read
Where its beauty lies,
Words on fire
Will burn our eyes.

rc deWinter

Angels, an excerpt of Poesies of Faddilly-Dornie. by Seraphime Angelis


If the wont of angels is to waft
amongst the birdsong, flit and laugh
then, by some courage, let us pray
we’ll, as the angels, merry make.

from the movie "The Shining."

from the movie “The Shining.”

 Voiceless by Loretta Leslie

If I had the words
I could write my heart –
the confused,
contradictory part
of me

If I had the words
I could write my soul –
the enigmatic
essence, the whole
of me

If I had the words
I could write my spirit –
the steadfast
strength which finds merit
in me

If I had the words
I could write my being –
the ingenuous,
innocent way of seeing

But I have not the words
to express who I am –
I am alone,
silent and damned
to be me


As We Know It! by José Coelho

Do you need help?
Stop! Pulling my arm won’t
bring us any closer


cause you are
and I’m

lost vanishing slowly among

believe it:
rain will end
sand will stop streaming –
when time fills over
the edge
of happiness,
continents will annul their
definition, as no more friction
no more subduction will
swing earth’s crust
in love, pathetically plain
and blow westerlies inside
birds and trees –
an extinguishable set of
failing to travel from
cell to universe:
… no return


That Day
I will be able to catch you
again, in my hand
like a dream’s ply
at each dying
in me.

LUNA[CY] by Weak Perfection

If I could see myself
Through your eyes
I should be the moon
And unaccompanied in the darkness.
But if you could see yourself
Through mine
You’d know
You are the sun,
The source,
Always burning.
And all I do
Is reflect your light.



from the movie “The Warriors.”

Women of the Earth by Le Hornet

Women of the earth,

do you not notice
when you shift
so does her axis.you are the womb,
the wom(B)en…
earth connected,
universe connected,
your not meant to be used
but cherished and protected.Plant your feet on the ground,
stand up tall without the heels,
stop complaining about men who
don’t pay the bills.

your vibrations are part
of earth’s elevations,
it should not be men
but women who run the nations.

These are your titles
“Now act upon it”

you claim these names,
these words open doors.

All earth does is
promote natural,
you indulge in
nurtured products,
make up, extensions…
whatever is tested on animals;

In turn you become the dog,
doing anything to get that bone,
simultaneously getting your bones broken,
mountains crumble
when you break;

mountains also reach their peak,
so rise to yours,
not just getting fucked
from all angles
on all fours.

you’re the real beast,
you’re tamed by lower masters
surviving off lust and greed,
surviving just for
comfort and security,
not surviving for your
garden so in turn sow foul seeds.

Men rape, men pillage and even kill,
earth brings life but you be ruining
your birth by wanting to take the pill,
making earth ill;

can you imagine if earth aborted
the sea,
the tree,
without her control,
there would be no you or me.

from the movie "The Last Dragon."

from the movie “The Last Dragon.”

 Yuletide Feast by Loretta Leslie

Decorate the depths of despair
Lay the lassitude of longing
Prepare the purdah of possibilities
Serve the sorrow of solitude
Eat the emptiness of emotion
Drink the death of desire
Toast the tears of thoughtlessness
Feast on the fear of the forgotten


 Snippet #17 by Weak Perfection

Do you treasure the hand you hold
Do you find the delight
That I read within your smile
In the heart
That told the hand to reach?


You by Qalbi Qaali
As a thief you went
Through the back door
With my future
With my hope
As I was planning
You were packing
As I was counting down
Until we became one
You were counting
Until you became one

Approach by Michael French


But softly
(without harsh edges)
rounded words
the phrasing
should be gentle
if read aloud
tender and harmonious

The message
(using similes now)
like the passing of time
between heartbeats
devoted to a love
that makes that rhythm
come alive

An effort
(frail as it is)
to express
just a piece
of a larger gift
you have given to me
for these many years

“Lovers alone wear sunlight.”
― E.E. Cummings


unknown Subway

untitled by Peter Schonfeld
vibrant  lichens
placed  carefully
dispel  emptiness

valleys  breach
darkling  places
ancient  havens

scaped  contours
frame  flatland
white  walls


from the movie “Napoleon Dynamite.”

There Used to Be by K. Leigh Thoma

There used to be
Electricity running through these veins
Sparking and crackling
A powerful blaze

A current so strong
It was felt more than seen
An invisible train
With invisible steam

There used to be
Fire behind these eyes
Dancing and playing
A burning surprise

A swirling inferno
That was carefully contained
Bright orange plumes
Proud and unashamed

Now there is a darkness
A deep and empty space
The flames have been extinguished
The current has been replaced

The electricity and the fire
Have flickered out with time
Now they’re just a memory
A punishment for some crime.


Pink Floyd “Dark Side of the Moon” GIF

Impromptu by Michael Veloff

who am i?
(sometimes i ask myself this)
most often
i leave the question
better left unanswered

i am an asymptote
(point cross section)
on an illusory grid

an intersect
between who i was
and whom i dream or fear
that i’ll become

a question
who am i?
my nows are so fleeting
to get lost in this reflecting pool
join Narcissus
and miss the now
the moment
i still have the strength to claim

i am the woken dreamer
still dreaming
in awe

unknown Train

unknown Train

Gripped by Allene Angelica

The wailing continued
With it the soul
Gripped in anguish
A heartrending sound
Torn and crumbled
Not lived to its meaningThe wind howling
Through open windows
In empathy
Trees stooped
In understandingLost dreams
Sometime around
The third decade

I sat listening
To the tears
Of unfulfilled days
Unrealized hours
Missed seconds
Bowed head grieving

And the wailing continued…

Carl Sagan

Carl Sagan

Writer’s Block by Mark Read

Scampering noises
Sharp yet small claws clacking on concrete and wood

Out of reach scampering noises
Sharp yet small claws clack-clacking on the stones of memory

Failed sparks on cold tinder
Sharp yet small claws clack-clack-clacking – yet no fire

Needles flashing Tricoteuse
Sharp yet small claws clack-clack, clack-clack on realized fears of extinguished lineage

Writer’s block
Measure the block
Use the Golden Rule
Use the Must Post
Six months and counting


Charles Bukowski quote on a coffee cup

New Year by Jennifer Skochinski

When I awake in
the morn of the new year, I
hope for no more death, no pain.

When I awake in
the morn of the new year, I
hope for alot more life, more love.

Among friends who like
family, give me more life, more
love when I wake in this, 2015!!!

14 - 1

from Monty Python’s Flying Circus

New Years by Michael French

The temptation is to reach
Say something significant
Lay out a thought that chimes

Feel the need for meaning
The end of something
the beginning of something else

And, I won’t deny it all
There are times it is worthwhile
to stop and take note of what is passing

But, for me, the truth is
I feel it every time I walk outside
and watch the sky, never the same twice


Charles Bukowski quote

Thaw by Loretta Leslie

I’m waiting for the winter thaw
Mind a closed, bolted door
Psyche shuttered, hides haunting pain
I hope for love; it is in vain
Trust, bruised and battered, forfeits life
Sorrow plunged, dull bladed knife
Emotions as the clawing frost
Grieving for desire lost
Chords of memory, garnered glass
Recalling torment from the past
Tenderness and passion languish
Bound to you I am in anguish
Faith waits for the winter thaw

To hold in my heart joy once more
15 - 1

Medicines for Life by Kristy Rulebreaker

Today I want
to die in my sleep
Instead I am
washing my face
My legs are shaking
but I am putting
on my clothes
and walking
There is
a mountain calling
Come, Kristy come
My trails
are medicines
for your life

 15 - 8
untitled by Lynn Paden
they should have let him be
what he wanted to beis it so wrong to be a she?i’m confused with labels
writing this

but it would have been bliss
for him
to walk the world as easily
as i do

as a lady
shining in the sun

for all the times i feel
cursed with my life

i should stop
and remember the he
that only wanted to be free

as the she he was meant to be



A Great Day in Harlem ( or: Harlem 58) by Art Kane

Where We Love by Denise Baxter Yoder

In burbs
In bowers
Near streets with towers
In county seats in  commercial zones
Downtown talking on our phones
Extravagant  elite find love in exurbs
Underground subterraneans prefer
To meet on a train which is so romantic
In a one horse town love is not quite as frantic
In cyberspace
In cityscapes
Near peaks or parks
Or outer space
In minimarts
Or shopping malls
Or city hall
Down in the valley where a river runs
On a beach underneath the rays of the sun
In bowling alleys
In traffic jams
Love will find us
Yes…it can
At crossroads or outskirts
Whistle stops or coffee shops
Podunk or densely packed
Where we love is all of that

The 12 Phases of The Moon [picture collage]

The 12 Phases of The Moon

The Magnificent Seven [Moderators/Co-Owners/Co-Editors]:
RC deWinter
Chris Flegel
Uma Venkatraman
Mary Macharia
Arthur Turfa
Frederick Andrew
Michael David Saunders Hall (aka the 21st Century Griot)
BigUps & Much To All Contributors. Remember: the poet tree will be streamed…so, let’s forever indulge in the balance of delicious agony and suite ecstasy of our everlasting leaves, always writing what the moment recommends to infinity and beyond. Till next time, Write On/;-)
©2015 Words on Fire (in association with AfroDamus Jonze: The 21st Century Griot).

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