Words on Fire Picks Nov. 23 – Dec. 6, 2014

CONGRATS! ^5’s!! & much <3!!! to the Words on Fire Mod Picks for November 9 -December 6, 2014.

+K. Leigh Thoma Redemption http://bit.ly/1Bivjrf & Release – Truth II http://bit.ly/1BiATK6
+Loretta Leslie But I feel young inside http://bit.ly/1BivNxC
+Don Morgan Leaving http://bit.ly/1BiwiYk
+Mac Dre Boys To Men http://bit.ly/1BiwVBp
+Seraphime Angelis the aeons of even stay http://bit.ly/1BixQl7
+Frank Ramon Disjointed Jacks and Jills http://bit.ly/1BiyCi3
+lynn paden appreciate http://bit.ly/1BizV0r
+José Coelho Africa (Impossible Love) http://bit.ly/1BiAkjw
+A Furious Child Alive http://bit.ly/1BiBtrs
+Weak Perfection Humanness http://bit.ly/1BiC8sG
+Robert Horton Hollow Tin http://bit.ly/1BiD0h3


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