WoF Mod Picks for October 5-25, 2014

Congrats!!! to the WoF Picks for October 5-25, 2014.

+Mickey Draca untitled http://goo.gl/FiP3h0
+Tonscher 01 untitled tanka http://goo.gl/zzTb3b
+Le Hornet E.B.O.L.A. http://goo.gl/2NEvWr
+Vicki Bashor Inspired by Emerson http://goo.gl/NhDoY5
+Frank Ramon Never again to see http://goo.gl/DzmIGj
+Michael French What I want http://goo.gl/FVMphV
+Jennifer Skochinski Mio Nonno/My Grandpa http://goo.gl/KpGJJ4
+Ric Rudnicki Throughout the Falling Stars http://goo.gl/5rlzdk
+Steve Campbell Grant Needled, nine times http://goo.gl/hYcO6Y
+S.L. Weisend Life in Quala http://goo.gl/emLuAq

+Denise Baxter Yoder untitled http://goo.gl/6MwVuN
+Kristy Rulebreaker No Guests http://goo.gl/GXIbIe
+AF KNOTT Bumper To Bumper http://goo.gl/loQ3xG
+José Coelho Sud Express http://goo.gl/CxmQ9O
+Yarta Yasmin untitled http://goo.gl/OnlqVT
+S.L. Weisend Celebrity http://goo.gl/fMAhU4
+Tonscher 01 Haiku http://goo.gl/VLe3sJ
+Mickey Draca Decay http://goo.gl/7OLbGm

+Don Morgan Somnambulant http://goo.gl/KOYUgS
+Michael French Movie http://goo.gl/CwS9l5
+Matt Cox I Miss You http://goo.gl/DlIfNf
+Jean Billheimer The Seasons http://goo.gl/MecjG1
+Vicki Bashor Dangling Leaves http://goo.gl/7B4Pt3
+K. Leigh Thoma Goodbye http://goo.gl/G8eHwu & Black and Blues http://fictionalcatterflymusings.blogspot.com/2014/10/black-and-blues-2014.html
+A Furious Child Poetry http://goo.gl/A1Q5lL
+Kristy Rulebreaker The Soul Not Sold http://goo.gl/gnyIJq


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